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Afroz Shah

When the young Indian lawyer and his 84-year-old friend reached the edge of one of Mumbai’s largest beaches, they stared out in disbelief at the vast blanket of rotting litter that had grown shin-deep in places.

Plastic bags, cement bags, glass bottles, pieces of clothing, shoes and other litter covered every inch of sand, turning the once-pristine coastline into a wasteland.

Undaunted by the herculean scale of the task, the unlikely duo – 33-year-old Afroz Shah and his octogenarian neighbor Harbanash Mathur – rolled up their shirt sleeves, walked down to the beach and began picking up trash. Thus started what has since mushroomed into the world’s largest ever beach clean-up.


Octubre de 2015

Semana 1 de la limpieza de la playa Versova.

Agosto de 2016

El actual Embajador de los Océanos de ONU Medio Ambiente Lewis Pugh se une a Afroz en la limpieza de la playa Versova.

Septiembre de 2016

El Director Ejecutivo de ONU Medio Ambiente Erik Solheim se une a Afroz a la limpieza de la playa Versova.

Diciembre de 2016

Afroz recibe el premio Campeones de la Tierra de ONU Medio Ambiente.

Septiembre de 2017

La limpieza de la playa Versova celebra su centésima semana

Junio de 2018

Celebraciones del Día Mundial del Medio Ambiente con una gigantesca limpieza en la playa Versova. India se compromete a prohibir el plástico de un solo uso para 2022.

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